The Orion-Wand

A new dimension in energy work
The Orion-Wand is a long awaited and highly effective tool. A pioneer of a new dimension in energy work, it's used for supporting and treating the metaphysical energy phenomena of all creatures, rooms, places and landscapes.
What's new about the Orion-Wand is that it's a detector and therapeutic instrument all in one. It enables you to precisely determine an energetic situation and to then transform it.
Historical imprints, old hurts and all those kinds of metaphysical disturbances that cause energy blocks and are effective at different levels can now be efficiently dissolved.

The name itself indicates the way the Orion-Wand works. In many ancient cultures, the Orion constellation expresses the symbolic balance of all forces. Orion is regarded as the symbol of balance and enlightenment, of being filled with light and of transilluminance. This term points to the notion of the "spirit world", in other words to all those things that we cannot see, but affect us all the same.
The Orion-Wand is therefore used to purify spaces - including our own insides - to rid them of impediments and to bring more light and clarity to a place and the people living there.

What's remarkable about the Orion-Wand is that its design and effect are divided into three parts. The interplay of man, Orion-Wand and energy treatment performed by the Werkstatt für Geo-Allchemy have a very special effect.

Each wand is slightly different in the way it works, depending on the individual user's preferences, intentions and potential. This explains why the most sensitive part of the wand, the head, may show different positions and movements. Similar to a musical instrument, each wand enters a special energy relationship with its user. An Orion-Wand should therefore be used by one person only.